Microsoft Windows 10, a platform for the new generation.


We are in such a modern where everything is dependent on a very hi-tech technology products and services and due to that competitive world there are various companies in the market to sell their products but among them one and only is a leading company which is pioneer of such kind of product which really changed the world from its techno logy. The users are really appreciating its products now. Yes, we are discussing Microsoft which provided this world a unique and feasible product and that is Windows. It has numerous of products in the market which have been used by millions of users across the world. The Windows was launched in 1985 with a mission to provide the users a facility where they can accomplish their official of personal work in an easy manner and it really changed not only the I.T. Sector but the entire world. It might be a possibility that the users might face some technical issues while using it and need some assistance to resolve them. Well, all the technical issues can be resolved through Windows tech support number 1-877-833-8252 where our technicians of level six will resolve them within a short span of time.


Key features of core product Windows 10


·          Start Menu Returns: the start menu is back which was not on the Windows 8 with some enhanced features such as the users can expand it and customize it according to their need.


·          Cortana on Desktop: This feature is for those who lazy in typing. It is a voice-controlled digital assistant through which the users can open their desired application without using keyboards.


·          Xbox App: Now the users can play Xbox one game by using Windows 10 with enhanced speed and graphics. The users can join their friends through this in the playing session.


·          Project Spartan Browser: The users can now utilize the feature of new and enhanced features of newly launched Browser where this browser includes PDF support, improvisation in the reading layout.


·          Improved Multitasking: The new multiple Desktop features allows the users to run another set of Windows just like another screen without any physical monitor.


·          Office Apps Get Touch Support: The new version of office allows the users to work with touch support method which will be available for PCs, Smartphone, and tablets.



There are some more features which can be utilized by the users such as Continuum, Action Center, Unified Settings / Control Panel, and others. The users might face some error while installing the Windows 10 as it has some unique method to install and common users will definitely face the issues. To resolve this error they are required to contact to Windows Customer Support Phone Number 1-877-833-8252 and they will be helped by our skilled technicians of level six to rectify all the issues within a short period of time.